20 de setembro de 2008

Come closer...


Come closer...

Turn the lights off in this place,
And she shines just like a star,
And I swear I know her face,
I just don't know who you are...

Turn the music up in here,
I still hear her loud and clear,
Like she's right there in my ear,
Telling me that she wants...

To own me,
To control me,
Come closer

And I just can't pull myself away,
Under her spell I can't break,
I just can't stop

I can feel her on my skin,
I can taste her on my tongue,
Shes the sweetest taste I've seen

The more I get the more I want,
She wants to own me,
Come closer...

And I just can't pull myself away
Under her spell I can't break
I just can't stop...

(Isto nao é nada o meu estilo, mas o raio da música não me sai da cabeça a dias!)

1 comentário:

Kate disse...

Passei as férias todas a ouvir esta música... era só o que passava nos canais de música.